The Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship | Never Waste a Crisis: Zero Barriers.
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2017 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship

Zero Barriers, All Possibilities

October 25-27, 2017 | Oakland, California

Build + Fortify Ecosystems

Gain Actionable Insights

Increase Entrepreneurial Success

How Can Mayors Work with Entrepreneurs to Strengthen Cities?

Mayors are increasingly pressured to do more with less. Entrepreneurs can help mayors tackle their toughest challenges. Young businesses have the power to stimulate economic growth, solve municipal problems and drive social change.

At this year’s Conference on Entrepreneurship, we will work hands-on to create actionable plans to:

  • Build civic infrastructure by engaging startup businesses as problem-solvers;
  • Increase economic inclusion by growing entrepreneurial communities; and
  • Innovate municipal financing to create jobs in growing companies

Mayors will work with a diverse group of entrepreneurs, researchers and policy experts to generate new ideas, share practical insights, and create blueprints that can be implemented in their own communities.

Our Philosophy: Zero Barriers

Every day, mayors face barriers to improving their cities. Similarly, entrepreneurs face barriers to building their businesses. Both mayors and entrepreneurs are resilient, using creative problem solving to break through barriers to achieve their goals.

That shared mindset is what we call Zero Barriers. That means zero tolerance for the status quo. The nation needs more of that attitude. Working together, entrepreneurs and mayors can tackle community problems.

Our goal is for you to leave with a toolbox full of actionable ideas and a network of peers who can help you tackle your city’s challenges. Together, attendees will work like entrepreneurs in real-time collaborative sessions to:

  • Design new initiatives and solutions with an entrepreneurial mindset;
  • Discover and share fresh ideas that have worked (or not worked) in other cities; and
  • Work with peers to drive collaborative innovations for the most challenging issues.

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Work like a mayor. Innovate like an entrepreneur.