The Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship | WINERY EXPERIENCE
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Winery Experience

An Exclusive view of Livermore Valley

Friday, October 27

Join us on a winery and brewery tour through Livermore co-hosted by Mayor Marchand of Livermore and Mayor Schaaf of Oakland. This is your chance to visit the Livermore Valley – California’s oldest commercial wine region – “The Original Napa.”

If you would like to participate in the winery experience or have questions, please email Megan Bunfill at

A few facts about Livermore wineries:

  • A Livermore winery, Cresta Blanca, became the first American winery to win the international gold medal at the Paris International Exposition in 1889 (the same world’s fair featuring the Eiffel Tower’s unveiling).
  • Livermore’s Wente Winery was the first winery in America to produce a varietal called “Chardonnay” in 1936 called “Pinot Chardonnay.” Furthermore, eighty percent of the Chardonnay in California is from the original Wente.
  • Jim Concannon at Livermore’s venerated Concannon Winery produced America’s first Petite Syrah in 1961. Eighty percent of the Cabernet in California is from the original Concannon.

If you were at the Mayors Conference in Albuquerque, you heard James Fallows talk about the importance of the craft brew culture and its relationship to the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. On this excursion we will visit one of Livermore’s original craft breweries, Altamont, and talk with one of the founding entrepreneurs. Altamont is in the middle of an area which is currently undergoing the evolution of adaptive reuse. Old warehouses and businesses are now being converted into the afore-mentioned breweries and wineries.

We will also visit a new, local award-winning winery, Nottingham – and sample some wonderful wines! We’ll cap off the evening with dinner and bocce ball at Campo di Bocce, the home of the Madden-Mariucci Invitational Bocce Tournament.

Excursion will depart the conference hotel Friday afternoon, approximately 2:30/3:00 pm and return to the conference hotel before 9:00 pm. Cost for this event is not covered by the Foundation. We do not expect the cost to exceed $75.00. More details will be sent to those whose itinerary allows for joining.

There really is more to love in Livermore. Come and see for yourself!

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